Deduction Dungeon

An asymmetric card game of loot, logic, and luck

2-player • 10-minute • Age 8+

Deduction Dungeon's vast treasures tempt adventurers from across the land...

But the dungeon is guarded, and each time you enter, the monsters get better at keeping you out. Will you loot the treasure before they learn how to stop you? One player plays the adventurers and the other plays the monsters. Only one knows each card’s hidden strengths.

Play the digital prototype at

For physical prototype

    Box contains:
  • 16 Adventurer cards
  • 16 Monster cards
  • 12 Treasure cards
  • 16 Monster cards
  • 8 Strength tiles
  • 8 Guess tiles
  • 2 Rule cards
  • 14 Gold cubes
  • 1 Play mat
Deduction Dungeon Sell Sheet
Sell sheet
Deduction Dungeon rules